Can text messaging affect my health?

If you look around at most young and many not so young people today you see them hunched over their Blackberries or I-phones texting or surfing the internet. It is good to always be connected with friends and information but there are definite drawbacks for your spine.

Most people who do a lot of texting are setting the stage for neck and shoulder pain and headaches. It is not from information overload although that can be a source of stress, but from the distortion of the normal curve or alignment of the neck. When your head is flexed forward for extended periods it causes a lot of strain on your cervical spine and muscles. Eventually you can lose the normal curve of your spine as your vertebrae misalign and move improperly. This condition is known to chiropractors as a subluxation and it causes nerve stress and irritation. Most neck pain, upper back tension and even headaches are due to improper muscle and joint function of the spine.

Fortunately chiropractic care can help. By providing gentle adjustments to restore correct movement and alignment to your vertebrae, your chiropractor can take care of your pain or prevent it from occurring in the first place. You do not have to be in pain to benefit from chiropractic treatment. In addition to adjustments, exercises and special pillows are often prescribed to help you maintain good spinal function.

Of course you could also do less texting and use better posture but what fun would that be.