If I go to see a Chiropractor, will I have to go my whole life?

The simple answer is No! Chiropractic treatment is individualized for each patient. The length of treatment programs vary widely according to age, problem, general health, duration of symptoms etc. The number of visits also varies but is often frequent at the beginning of care to reduce your symptoms as fast as possible. Pain itself in not a good indicator of your spinal health because it is often the last thing to appear and first to go away.

Some problems are easy to resolve in a few visits such as a locked facet joint between your shoulder blades or a minor sacro-iliac sprain. Other complaints; chronic low back pain or long term headache problems can take weeks or months of regular chiropractic care to resolve or greatly improve. It takes time to improve spinal joint function, for muscles and ligaments to improve around an area that has been seized up for ages.

Once your health concern has been taken care of you may choose to follow a preventive maintenance program. This usually involves having your spine checked and adjusted if necessary about once per month. These voluntary visits are similar to regular dental hygiene check-ups or training at the gym to help maintain your dental or muscular health. Periodic chiropractic adjustments can not only prevent the return of old problems but may also stop new problems from developing.

Most patients who regularly visit their chiropractor report having more energy, general flexibility and feel better. Whether you visit your chiropractor for pain relief or health maintenance the choice is yours.