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Who We Are

The Rockland Chiropractic Clinic has been serving the health care needs of Clarence-Rockland for over 30 years in the same location. Two experienced and personable Doctors of Chiropractic, Daniel Vandervoort and Barbara Dance have both been helping people with their muscular-skeletal and spinal problems for over 15 years in Rockland. They have a solid working relationship with the family doctors and other health care providers of the community, although no medical referral is necessary to visit a chiropractor. Many people have 3rd party insurance coverage for chiropractic care, custom orthotics and registered massage therapy, all of which are provided at our clinic.

Our clinic provides convenient morning and evening hours. New patients are welcome and can often be seen the same day or week of your first call to our office. We provide choices of care from pain relief to preventive maintenance at affordable fees. Dr. Dance and Dr. Vandervoort will provide you with the chiropractic technique that is best suited to your problem and body type. No one is too young or too old to benefit from gentle modern chiropractic care.

Daniel-VandervoortDr. Daniel K. Vandervoort D.C.

Dr. Daniel Vandervoort graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1987 with both clinical and academic honours. He studied Human Kinetics at the University of Waterloo prior to CMCC. Born in Guelph, Ontario Daniel attended Georgetown High School.

Dr. Dan is the director of Rockland’s oldest and most established chiropractic clinic since 1994. He also enjoys practicing 2 days per week at the Beacon Hill Chiropractic Clinic on Montreal Rd. near Orleans with his partners Dr. Sylvie Bordeleau and Dr. Trisha Grant.

Dr. Vandervoort has special interests in athletics, fitness and nutrition. He is a long term member of the local gym, Snap Fitness where he enjoys working out during his lunch breaks. Dr. Dan regularly benefits from chiropractic care himself which helps him to continue competing in at least one triathlon each summer and several running races throughout the year, often finishing near the top of his age group.

Dr. Dan has considerable knowledge in the assessment and treatment of athletic and overuse injuries. With many years of experience he is very capable in the treatment of spine related conditions in people of all ages as are doctors of chiropractic in general. In addition to traditional spinal manipulation, Dr. Dan has incorporated Sigma Instruments Computerized Adjusting Systems in both the Rockland and Beacon Hill Chiropractic Clinics which provides a precise gentle alternative for spinal and joint care. Further to these proven methods, Dr. Dan and two trained staff members also use cold laser therapy on specific injuries and conditions with excellent results in 90 percent of cases. He is always striving to keep up to date with technologies that can effectively help his patients in a time and cost effective way.

Dr. Vandervoort has helped hundreds of local seniors regain or maintain overall mobility and joint function over his many years of practice in Rockland. Using hands on methods, cold laser therapy or the high tech Spine-Align technology there is almost no one that cannot benefit to some decree from treatment.  If he or his partner cannot help a patient improve their health he will find someone that can. At the other end of the age spectrum, Dr. Dan helps many young families and athletes maintain their spinal health, improve posture, perform better and reduce stress through regular check ups.

Dr. Dan lives in Orleans and is the proud father of three daughters and one grandson. He and his spouse, Sylvie Bordeleau volunteer doing marriage preparation courses for couples at their church. His recreational activities include hiking, cycling, golf, badminton and creative writing. Dr. Vandervoort continues to be very dedicated to his practice working evening hours and helping his patients to live as pain free and active as possible. He regularly posts exercise and health related videos on the combined Rockland and Beacon Hill Facebook Page. To receive the weekly health newsletter send the clinic your e-mail address. If one has a question for Dr. Vandervoort please call the clinic or send him an e-mail.